Atha Fong

thinker, creator, scrappy go-getter

Work Projects

Terrain is a smart homescreen for Android that makes your phone simpler and more streamlined by putting everything you care about in one place. I led UX design and product for Terrain through to a successful public launch. 


AllJoyn is an open source project and Qualcomm's "common language for the Internet of Everything." I product managed and designed several mobile applications that showcased AllJoyn's versatility and ease of use for developers. In addition to managing the showcase apps, I worked with senior management and other AllJoyn product managers to ensure a consistent user experience across the AllJoyn product line

Yagatta Talk

YagattaTalk was an IP-based chat application for Android and iPhone that let people share text and media messages with their close ones more quickly and richly than before. Managing this application exposed me to all aspects of the product development cycle -- from the very first whiteboarding sessions to user studies, prototypes, development, commercial launch, and beyond

I designed new features for iSkoot Social Client, a mobile (for Android, Blackberry, J2ME, and Brew -- old school, I know) app that aggregates social networking and news services into one consolidated feed.  The software is white-labeled and sold to mobile carriers around the world


CrumBum is a mobile app concept I spec'ed out that seeks to extend the concept of the “quantified self,” harness the power of mobile phones as personal tracking devices, and enable an effortless user experience through thoughtful design.  CrumBum grew out of the idea that people are just as, if not more, interested in keeping track of their own lives—in retracing the “crumbs” they have left along their everyday path—as they are in keeping track of others’.

Other Projects

Elation builds innovative tools that help physicians deliver excellent patient care.  I consult the company on product and UX and occasionally exercise my voice-acting talents


IM, chat and text messaging are inextricably woven into our social fabric. An avid AOL instant messenger since age 9, I will still be using some form of chat when I turn 99. TypedUp is a collection of feature concepts I’ve come up with that allow for deeper methods of self-expression in chat conversations that can result in richer, sillier, and/or more frequent interactions with friends and family.