Atha Fong

thinker, creator, scrappy go-getter


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My name is Atha Fong. I was born in Canada (where I learned at age 2 to ice skate on the backyard rink my dad made for us every winter) and raised in the Bay Area.

I studied history and economics at Stanford, which, quite surprisingly to many, prepared me well for a career in software user experience and product development. As a history major, I studied the art of research and storytelling, and learned all too well how the same event can be interpreted and told in infinite ways. This academic experience has proved invaluable -- after all, every product is a story that needs to be appropriately told to and crafted for its particular audience. 

Functionally, I thrive on creating order out of chaos. I currently work at Samsung as a product manager and UX lead creating apps for mobile, TVs, and home appliances.

I believe technology has the ability to unlock our inner human potential in powerful ways, thus allowing for a more harmonious, happy, and productive society. My passion for exploring the boundaries of my own inner potential and helping others do the same lays the foundation for everything I do.

Check out my LinkedIn profile or technology page for more on my work experience.

Life Philosophy

Human Experiences


Spending a few years in the workforce after having studied history underscored my belief that deepening one's understanding of the human condition and appreciating multiple perspectives are fundamental to coming up with effective and innovative solutions. Experiences are the fodder for creating new things, so I make a concerted effort to engage with a diverse set of people, learn new things, enjoy the performing arts, and travel.



I exercise my creative muscles in order to process all the external stimuli around me. My creativity centers around word and sound, particularly music, poetry, and plain old long-form writing.



Iā€™m inspired by how technology democratizes resources and can empower individuals to become better, truer versions of themselves. I see technology as a means to make real change in the physical world around us, not as an end in and of itself.